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2018 Research Poster Session Call for Submissions

ACDA will sponsor a session to disseminate the results of excellent research about any aspect of the choral art at its 2018 ACDA Central and North Central Division Conference in Chicago, Feb 14-17, 2018. Participants chosen for the presentation will be required to prepare a poster describing their research and to be available during the presentation session to discuss their work with interested conference attendees.

The intent of the research poster session is to disseminate current research in choral music to inform rehearsal techniques, performance practice, repertoire choice, etc. Of particular desire are papers about repertoire, performance practice, conducting pedagogy, rehearsal pedagogy, vocal development, social/cognitive development, editions, and analyses that will illuminate performance, and vocal or compositional practices in contemporary choral music.

A poster session is a research report format used widely in the natural and social sciences, and increasingly in the humanities. Presenters prepare a poster (usually printed on a 36 x 48 inch sheet in either portrait or landscape orientation and displayed on a board), showing the main points of their research with brief text and illustrations. Then, the presenter stands next to his/her poster during the session, answering any questions from people who come to see the displays. We also expect presenters to have handouts (e.g., an annotated bibliography or an abstract with examples) and copies of the paper upon which the presentation is based. Participants will be required to furnish 25 copies of a report summary (limited to one two-sided page). Participants may also be asked to respond to post-conference inquiries about their work that could include requests for full copies of their reports.

For instructions about submitting proposals click here: 2018 ACDA Central and North Central Division Conference Poster Call

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