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2018 Conference Repertoire – Honor Choirs

The following is a comprehensive list of the repertoire that was performed by the 2018 Central and North Central Honor Choirs in Chicago.

Elementary Honor ChoirFrancisco Núñez, conductor

Walk in beauty (Manuscript)                                    Arlene Nofchissey Williams
Velvet Shoes (E.C. Schirmer 6540083950)             Randall Thompson
Pinwheels (Tocamus LLC Publishing)                     Francisco Núñez
Bread baking (B & H 3700616)                                  Béla Bartók
I Hear America Singing (Heritage 15/1655H)         André Thomas
Skip to my Lou (Tocamus LLC Publishing)             arr. Núñez
Sopa De Isabel (Tocamus LLC Publishing)             Núñez

High School Honor Choir – Jefferson Johnson, conductor

Regina coeli, K. 127 (CPDL #32172)                          W.A. Mozart
O schöne Nacht (CPDL #00683)                             Johannes Brahms
O nata lux (Ferrimontana EF 3695)                         Jens Klimek
Jing-ga-lye-ya (Cypress CP 1048)                            Bruce Sled
Down in the River to Pray (Unpublished)               arr. Jefferson Johnson
Great God Almighty (Gentry JG 2448)                    Stacey V. Gibbs

Mid-Level Changed & Changing Voice Honor Choir – Ryan Beeken, conductor

Der Herr segne euch (C.F. Peters 6079)                 J. S. Bach
Viva Tutti (Alfred 00-LG00778)                               Ralph Hunter
The Rising (musicspoke.com)                                  Andrea Ramsey
Whistle, Maggie, Whistle (HL 50322380)              arr. D. Stocker
Journeyman’s Song (braedenayres.com)               Braeden Ayers
Courage Lives (Heritage 15/2089H)                      Mark Patterson

Mid-Level Treble Voice Honor Choir – Judith Herrington, conductor

Daybreak (Paulus Publications SP105)                   Stephen Paulus
I Will Magnify Thee, O Lord (CPDL #12097)         Joseph Corfe
El Cielo Canta Alegria (B & H 48018823)                Pablo Sosa, arr. Bergs
Stars Tonight (Pavane P1591)                                   Judith Herrington
Hold Fast To Dreams (SBMP 1426)                          Susan LaBarr
Rise and Shine (HL 00139990)                                Rollo Dilworth

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